Priya + The Burden of Mental Illness

Heartbreaking Story of a Girl with Mental Illness

Yesterday I found out about a heartbreaking story. It is a story of a girl named Priya who suffered a terrible disease. A disease of mental illness. I know some people don’t believe mental illnesses are legitimate diseases, but they are. They cause so much pain and suffering that they cause many people, such as Priya, to take their own life. Priya had attempted suicide three other times throughout her life. She was sexually abused which worsened the state of her illness. Priya suffered very painfully for a long time.

Priya was very passionate about encouraging others and defeating the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. This sweet and caring girl set up a go fund me page before she took her life. She knew her parents would be left with her medical bills and her student loans and she knew she couldn’t pay them, but maybe others could. They surpassed the goal that Priya had set and her family is thankful. Her sister posted on the page that they extra money would go to a charity that Priya supported, but they have not chosen yet because she supported very many.

I have never met Priya. But I will speak up for Priya. I will speak up for every person dealing with the burden of a mental illness.

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