Confessions of a College Blogger

Confessions of a College Blogger

Okay I have a confession. I don’t blog as often as I should, and being busy isn’t the only reason why. So many people say blogging is a form of escape for them. While I love blogging, it isn’t an escape for me. In fact, it adds to my stress level. Here are my confessions to you.

  1. I know that I should be writing content and yet I just want to watch Netflix

Here’s something bloggers don’t mention very often. Creating a blog post-a good blog post- takes time. First you have to come up with a topic. Many bloggers come up with topics ahead of time and then plan when they are going to write them, but you still have to set aside the time to do that planning. Then you have to actually write it and make it something people want to read. After you’re satisfied with your work, you have to go back and edit it. These are just a few steps, but each step takes a certain amount of time and honestly sometimes I just don’t want to do it.


  1. I’m afraid to fail

Blogging is definitely not an exception to the age old saying that you are your biggest critic. I’m afraid to write content because I’m afraid that I won’t be satisfied with it. I’m also afraid that once I publish it, not many people will read it. When that happens I get disappointed and frustrated and then it gets even harder for me to find the motivation to write


  1. I want you to like me

This is my biggest confession I get stressed because while writing, I try to summon my inner voice. I want to sound relatable to my readers. I also want to come across as funny like Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler do when they write. Basically, I want you to read my posts and think “wow I want her to be my best friend.” I know these expectations are super high and probably unattainable, but I can’t help it. Because if readers aren’t interested then why write? I see so my blogs that look unorganized and their posts don’t catch my attention, so I leave immediately. I don’t want to be one of those blogs. I want to create the best content for the best readers. I want you to stay and read more and then come back to see what else I write.


So there are my confessions. Blogging can be stressful for me and instead of tackling these fears, I avoid the cause. So please don’t give up on me. Everything I write is for you. If you like something, give me feedback and tell other people! If there’s something you want to see, tell me!

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Does something you love to do ever cause you stress? If it does, what do you do about it?

  • Sarah Beth

    Girl you are so right about wanting to choose netflix over blogging! My recent obsession with Grey’s Anatomy definitely has to do with lack in post.

    Sarah Beth-

  • Desiree Jones

    I just wanted to say this is one of the most honest posts Ive seen before by a blogger. I loved your honesty when sometimes it’s hard to do. I can relate to this I started a blog before and ended up not sticking with it, but I went about it all the wrong way, so this time I’m trying a different approach and I’m more determined than ever to stick with it when it’s so hard when everything else gets in the way!

    Also you might want to check out it’s a blogger resource list where you can upload your own blog to be linked to. There are different categories so you can pick which your blog falls under and submit your blog. I thought I should spread the word since its a comprehensive list of bloggers and their blogs.

    Good Luck on your blog hunn keep at it!! Hopefully I will be launching before September 1st that’s the goal!!!