The Gratitude Jar DIY

Gratitude Jar

One of my goals for this year is to think about what I’ve been blessed with. I want to appreciate and be grateful for all that I’ve been given. So I decided to do a jar similar to the Memories Jar that you see all over Pinterest and Tumblr this time of year. I’m doing a Gratitude Jar and I’m going to fill it with things I’m grateful for throughout the year.

You can do it too. Thanks to a printable from it is too easy.


I wanted to be a little craftier than I was, but unfortunately my funds are a little low right now, so I couldn’t afford a trip to the craft store (Hobby Lobby is too addicting). If you want to be a little more creative then me here are some variations:

  • Burlap: Glue the printable onto some burlap and wrap the burlap around the jar and glue (you would a hot glue gun for this) OR glue burlap ribbon on the top and bottom after gluing the printable on (again you’ll need a hot glue gun)


  • Chalkboard Style: Get some chalkboard paint and follow the instructions. After it dries you can write the month on it or anything else that inspires or motivates you. (And if you get tired of it you can just change it because it’s a chalkboard –hooray!) OR another option is buying chalkboard stickers – they are no mess & no stress!


  • Your Style: Be creative- the possibilities are endless! You could incorporate anything from twine & buttons to sequins & sparkles to the leaves from your front yard.


Ready to see the super easy way to make The Gratitude Jar?

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