A Year or a Lifetime?

year or lifetime

In my last post I mentioned that my hiatus started because life got in the way. Today I’m going to fill you in on what I’ve been up to for the past 9 months.


From June to the beginning of August I didn’t really get to have a life. It’s okay though because I had an opportunity to spend the summer working for an amazing family. I spent about 40 hours a week taking care of super sweet boys. We went to a water park, went to sports camps, had popcorn Olympics and so much more! I would love to share some photos of the adorable boys and the fun times we had, but I would like respect the family’s right to privacy! I was also taking two online college classes. My plate was definitely full, so it’s no surprise that I had hardly an extra time to see friends.

Fall Semester

During the fall my life changed DRASTICALLY. In the first couple of weeks of the semester my anxiety was affecting me badly and I started to have panic attacks. This led me to make the decision to take the semester off because I knew it would cause me to miss classes and I didn’t want my grades to suffer. I went home and I went to therapy once a week. I also got a job at Kohl’s Department Store as a seasonal associate. During the holiday months, I worked 40+ hours a week. It was tiring, but it was definitely worth working all of those hours. About halfway through the fall semester, I realized something incredibly important: part of my anxiety was because I really didn’t want to be at my school. I was going to stay at my school because I would be able to graduate on time even after taking a semester off. Eventually though, I realized that I didn’t want college to be another experience that I just “got through.” I wanted to look back and have amazing memories of my college experience. I decided to transfer to a new school. Since I wanted to transfer, I decided to take the spring semester off as well while I made the decision of where to go next. This gave me a cool opportunity. I was making pretty decent money and already had money saved from the summer, so I decided in the spring I would take a trip to Europe! I have a couple of friends studying abroad in Europe and was really excited that I had the opportunity to visit them.


During my time off I really started to have a lot of self-growth. I gained a lot of confidence which I’m super proud of. I’m so much happier than I’ve been in years. I’m excited to see what the spring will bring!


So much has changed in a year, but all of the changes have led to me being in a really good place!

Has your life ever changed extremely fast?